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Mushroom Heroes is a puzzle-platform video game developed by Serkan Bakar. The game is inspired from ‘90s classics like Lost Vikings.          Retro platformer where the player can switch between three different characters. You have a 3 mushroom hero and each mushroom has special abilities, some of which the player needs in order to pass certain obstacles.

Jumpi can higher jump and float in air. Yuppi can kill enemies with his bow. The bow can also be used to detonate some walls and bombs.  Dombi can block enemies projectiles with his shield, and he can push or pull some objects.

Mushroom Heroes brings back the look and feel of the very best classic platformers from the 90's, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplay mechanics. If you miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and think games nowadays aren't that good anymore, think twice! Mushroom Heroes is for you.

Z = Jump

X = Action

Tab = Change character

ESC = Pause

Gamepad supports.

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Cool game, however I am stuck in the level with the bomb.
Not cause I don't uderstand what to do.
But cause there is no button to drag stuff!

z is jump.
and x is
shoot for archer,
glide for jump mushroom,
shield for tank mushroom.

But how to drag that bomb down there?

It's too close to the wall, so pushing it down is no option :-/

you can push or pull. 

But how to do that?
Pushing works simply by moving the tank mushroom against the block.
But pulling?
How to do that?

Does this game have mummies because I hated being turned into one in those Egyptian levels of Lost Vikings? /jk

really nice

I really enjoyed the game! My only complaint is that i think having maybe C rather than tab be to switch characters cause having to use tab is super awkward while having to also use Z and X.

Hi, I agree with that. What is worse, on my Hungarian keyboard Z and Y are swapped and it is not recognized by the game / Unity, so there is Tab, there is Z next to T and X. :)

The game reminded me The Lost Vikings, only it's totally cute - my daughter kept laughing while I reported how these little guys were running around and jumping with one on top of the other. Awesome, thanks! :)

A lot of nostalgia packed into a fun and adorable little puzzle platfomer. I really liked it! The music was super upbeat, the characters were cute, the story was a little goofy and the dungeons were just the right amount of challenging! Great work!